Its not secret that we all skip doing the essential things because there often isn’t enough time in the day to get all the things done! Sure adding lists to the door of the fridge or downloading the latest organising app may help you for a day or two but if your dance card is already full, its just not realistic. Its just a fact that you can not be incredibly social every night and still maintain your A game professionally and manage life it’s just will not be sustainable long term.

So when it comes to having that dream hair you have always wanted here is Rod Anker shares his top 5 ways to know if your hair is damaged and needs attention!

A close up of the ends of a hair strand, left is freshly cut & right is split

Frizzy Ends

No matter how much you blow dry it, the ends stick out and you can literally see split ends on the ends. There is a high chance that you have neglected things a little too long in this instance and you need to go visit the salon. Keep in mind the hair is dead keratin, the growing part of your hair is under the skin so the hair that is visable is already fragile and needs care. Trimming your hair every 6-8 weeks minimum is essential to remove compromised and split ends. The longer you leave it the more the split will travel up the hair shaft!

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No matter what you do the hair wont curl

Chances are you have overdone it along the way will either heat tools or chemicals. Once the hair looses its elasticity there is no going back, its time to think change and remove the damage. This can be from over doing it and stretching the hair out too much. The best way to rectify this is not with product rather remove and start again and no we don’t mean shave your head! but taking the hair a little shorter and changing your habits will get you back on track.

The Color is fading too fast

When the cuticle is damaged or broken your color will simply not hold, no matter who does it or what you do the hair is no capable of holding color, the only way forward is possibly semi permanent colors as they will stain rather than penetrate the hair shaft. Chances they wont last much longer however they are less aggressive on the hair. You should also look at what products you are using and what is in them.

The Ends look like rat Tails

Honestly we don’t know where this saying came from but we all understand it! You put your hair up in a pony tail and the ends look more like its been chewed by a rat ( Sounds extreme then chances you haven’t experienced this so relax!) You cant abuse your hair for long before you start to see some damage. Regular trims, heat protectant and good hair habits is the only way forward.

When your hair is wet it can be pulled apart

This is real people, it happens more often that you think and its when the hair is wet you can literally pull the hair strand apart and break it with your hands. This is caused from excess abuse from almost everything, in rare instances can happen from sun damage and or chlorine however most likely heat tools and color or chemical damage. The ONLY way forward is to remove it and stop doing anything with it. There is no easy way to tell you if this is you, if you have ever wondered what your hair will look like short then now is the time to find out!

Now you know, the idea of just doing whatever you like is never going to come back and bite you is not real. Eventually your neglect will catch up with you and its usually the small things you doing daily that make the big difference. Another important thing to remember is by doing chemical treatments like keratin or smoothening do NOT improve the quality or condition of your hair, in fact often create more problems long term. Smart informed decisions, get the right advice from your hairstylist or consult with a new one to make sure you make the best decisions. The way to having healthy hair is not that complicated it simply requires a little commitment from your end. Remember the only way to fix split ends is but cutting them off!

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