Chances are if you have long hair, you are on a constant search on how to protect your hair whilst you sleep without the tangles and constant overwhelming mess when you wake up! Sleep is paramount to health and well being and if you are like most it can dictate your happiness for the day, which we get!

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Now most likely you have heard this before but silk pillowcases are one of the best measures to ensure your hair is kept as healthy as possible whilst you sleep. Unlike regular pillow cases the silk fibres don’t create friction to your hair and face. It also helps maintain your body temperature and prevents perspiration, which will create frizz.

If you have tried a silk pillow case and just cant get into it or are annoyed with hair getting in your face constantly, then why not try a silk or satin bonnet it keeps your hair out of the way and protects at the same time!

Via Pintrest

Don’t sleep with Wet Hair

We all work long hours and trying to fit in everything into 24 hours is hard but washing your hair at night then going to bed with it wet, creates more friction on the hair so dry it before you go to bed! Apart from your hair, this is also not a healthy option and leave yourself open to catching a cold or possible bacterial infection.

Don’t use Elastic bands

Don’t use elastic bands on your hair, regardless if you are in bed or not, they will pull the hair far too tight and create breakage or worse, pull the hair from the follicle.

Do Not get too Hot in Bed

No we don’t mean what you are thinking! Your body temperature at night needs to be slightly cooler for a healthy better quality sleep. the warmer the room the more likely you are to perspire, which in turn causes friction and frizz on the hair shaft.

So how to protect your hair while you sleep is not that hard it just takes a little forward planning to be able to wake up looking great!

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