We get asked a lot “how do I get my hair healthy” and whilst it is an easy answer it’s also not an easy one for most people to swallow. 

You may be on a merry go round with color after color and constant blowout’s and although you visit the salon a few times a week, you may not have had it trimmed for months.  Hair grows from the roots, damage starts at the ends, im order for your hair to be healthy and not split you need to trim it regularly.  

How often is regular, well every 6-8 weeks is recommended. 

Now I’m terms of color, the more you color it the more open your hair is to be damaged, then along with the constant heat from styling you could be causing most of the damage yourself.  

It’s not often a hairdresser might say let’s skip doing your color today, your hair needs a little break, but it might be the exact thing you need! 

So when you get bored and feel like you want to take your hair in the opposite direction for a few weeks with the color, think again because you may be able to cover it, but the damage is there until its cut out says Rod Anker

Using good products is incredibly subjective, it has to be what suits your hair, ideally sulfate free as it is better for your hair and scalp, its important to look at what chemical work you are doing.

Yes we have sulfate free shampoo, yes our conditioner is super moisturising, but using one product is not going to solve all of your problems, it will assist in getting your hair in good condition but it cant be looked at a solo plan to recovery.

To have healthy hair its a lot more than just regular trims, it has a lot to do with what you do to your hair and how patient you are in between going from one look to the next. Have a transitional plan rather than trying to go platinum overnight, it should be a gradual process so the hair condition isn’t compromised.

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