For most people we have a perception that our hair is either an exceptional performer or the one area of our body that is just underperforming. The reality is hair growth on average ranges from 1/2 -1.7 cm per month, whilst there are several factors that can influence this the reasons may not be what you think. So can i make my hair grow faster by using a specific shampoo?

Things like Genetics, Sex and Health play a major role in hair growth as males typically find their hair grows slightly faster than woman and people between 15-30 will have faster rate of growth then post that the hair growth will slow down and some follicles will die and stop producing hair as we age.

Should i get more trims will that help?

Well trimming your hair is going to keep it healthy for sure and whilst split ends have the potential to break off and effectively help you loose length, trimming it wont increase the rate of growth as this is done under the skin. Hair is dead keratin so the challenge is to maintain the health and condition of it and work on what is going on inside your body to assist in the best growth possible.

Can a shampoo increase the rate of growth?

We are sure you see products claiming they can increase your length and make it grow faster but the reality is there is no product or chemical that has been proven to increase length or the rate of which your hair grows, it simply isn’t reality. You can certainly maintain a healthy scalp and that will assist in maintaining the rate of growth however it is not going to increase it. A shampoo that assists in keeping your scalp healthy whilst cleansing the hair is the best option. Now can you go for a oil massage or leave certain oils on your hair and increase the rate of growth? Google it and you will find over 250 million hits and you will get a varied response depending on where you are searching from and what you choose to open. According to Rod Anker ( India’s Leading hairstylist ) a head massage helps to reduce stress and can slightly increase the blood flow to your scalp but should be done with caution as oil will inevitably build up on the hair and create a shinny yet dehydrated strand that will be frizzy and prone to splitting. If you oil your hair it can lead to scalp infections and folliculitis as it can block the skin surface even when you think its washed out properly.

Will a Hair Spa help?

Well sorry to burst your bubble here too but there is no product that assist in growing faster hair, a hair spa depending on what it is may help with relaxing you or the condition of your hair slightly however there is a likelihood that there is heat involved which will swell the cuticle, make it feel smooth as its swollen and do little else. The ideal situation depending on the issue is a good hair care regime, now that being said there may be a need for a more active treatment if the hair has been through some level of torture or in severe cases maybe a trim or removing the damage area. Remember that the only way to remove split ends is by cutting them off. If in doubt read this.

Can Food make a difference?

Food and Genetics are literally the biggest influence in hair growth, however no foods will make it grow faster however the right foods will make you the healthiest version of yourself and by default make your body function at its peak.

Specific foods that can promote healthy hair

  • Fish: Fish contains essential omega-3 fatty acids, protein, Vitamins B-12, and iron, all of which prevent a dry scalp and stop hair from looking dull in color.
  • Dark green vegetables: These contain high levels of vitamin A and C, which help keep hair in good condition.
  • Legumes: These are full of protein, which promotes hair growth and helps prevent weak and brittle hair.
  • Biotin: A biotin deficiency can lead to brittle hair or hair loss. Whole grains, liver, egg yolk, soy flour, and yeast all contain biotin.
  • Nuts: These are a good source of selenium , which is important for a healthy scalp. Some nuts also contain alpha-linoleic acid and zinc. These help condition the hair and prevent shedding.
  • Low fat dairy products: These are good sources of calcium, which is another key component in hair growth.

Now before running out and buying the exotic berries from the Amazon Jungle please beware that these foods dont make it grow faster rather help you ensure you are getting the right vitamins for a healthy lifestyle.

Now there are several reasons why your hair may not be growing at the speed it used too and they could include: Stress, crash diets, dietary deficiency, medication or sickness so if you feel that there is a problem more than just in your mind please go visit your Doctor and discuss it further.

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