With so much information available to us all we tend to only see what we want when it comes to our hair. Very often you will be told this product or the product restores the hair back to its optimum health yet a few days or weeks and you realise it hasn’t.

You may want color over color but there is a limit to what the structure of the hair can take before it gets so damaged the only thing that can fix it is being cut off.

This is hair that has been highlighted, then keratin and an overall color.

The cuticle ( the outside layer of the hair which protects the internal structure ) can only take so much. You may want extra highlights or a “refresh” of balayage but your hair may be screaming don’t do it!

According to leading hairstylist and Co founder of Off Days Rod Anker there are certain things you must be aware of and follow so here they are

  • Firstly trim the ends ever 6-8 weeks without fail. Removes the frail ends and ensures no split ends occur from the ends.
  • You may be blow drying your hair and using a good quality dryer but heat is heat to a certain extent. Be aware that every time you use heat you must use heat protection and limit it when possible.
  • Just because you want a color, doesn’t mean you should. You need to plan it so the hair is maintained in the best condition. Planning ahead will always be better!
  • Find a hairstylist that says “No” when it is needed it’s your best friend and you need someone in your corner when you say you don’t care just do it!
  • Hair spa’s etc have limited capabilities when it comes to “instantly fixing” it. Once the hair is split it’s only about not letting it get worse before you cut it off. That is the only real solution. Once the cuticle is damaged or broken it exposes the internal structure of the hair and creates visable issues like frizz splitting etc
  • Always condition & use a heat protection serum
  • Once hair is colored it’s there and so too is the damage until it is cut off. It doesn’t matter if you color the blonde to brown, it is still the same underneath the brown until the hair grows out and cut off.

These small things add up and make a big difference to how your hair looks and feels everyday.

Trim every 6-8 weeks

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