A lot of you out there are concerned about what happens when you color your hair, will it cause damage and will I regret it? Will colouring your hair cause it to fall out?

Imagine eating unhealthy, one cheat meal of burger and fries is certainly not going to do much damage, two same thing but try eating junk food for a week or two now we have a problem. Colouring your hair is not that different, in general no it wont damage your hair and is typically safe however there are limitations to it says Rod Anker Now will it cause it to fall out, chances are very slim in fact very unlikely! Now you can have an allergic reaction to color, which again is fairly uncommon especially in professional colors however it can happen so a prior skin test 48hrs prior is advisable for anyone new to colouring or anyone experiencing a reaction to colors.

The simple answer is coloring your hair will not cause your hair to fall out however breakage is a real issue and coloring your hair can ( communication is key with your hairstylist ) cause it to break, create split ends and cause your hair to be brittle if it is not done correctly with the health of your hair kept as priority.

A lot of time we see people wanting dramatic changes from one day to the next and this in fact whilst it creates an instant melatonin boost it also at times can create instant nightmare for your hair also, so be aware that the more dramatic the change might mean the more aggressive the color service may need to be ( not always but often ).

The best way to approach hair color is not to be scared but also be realistic as hair has limitations, if your hair is dark brown and you want it pastel pink then the reality is there will be a considerable amount of damage and effort to get it there, let alone keep it there.

If you highlight your hair and are only doing the roots every time then the chances of much damage happening if you maintain regular trims and don’t abuse it with heat are minimum. Its most common that split ends and breakage occurs when thee is a combination of previous color abuse combined with excessive heat tools. Is there a trick to having healthy hair and still having the color of your dreams, not really other than being aware of what is too much and knowing when to stop and maintaining a healthy hair care regime, 6 week trims to remove split ends are essential and limit the heat tools is a good place to start!

Remember the only way to remove a split end is with a pair of scissors!

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