You may not have booked your summer vacation to Lake Como or have had the chance to get away but a change in your hair is a good idea to release the Happy hormones and make you look at life and your reflection with a little more happiness!

We have all experienced an urge to get away, explore the world and are now more than ever looking for ways to experience life at its fullest, so why not change your hair?

Lake Como Via Pintrest

Its often not about the destination and more about changing your immediate surroundings. Everyday we wake up and whilst routine is for some an essential element of life, the occasional spontaneous activity is good for your soul.

So here is a little motivation to help you make the decision!

Via Valonz Haircutters Sydney

If you have been a little bored it may be time to change things up a little bit. A holiday is a great place to start but if this is not possible then it could be easier to change the image that you see in the mirror each morning.You may have had the Pinterest board steadily being updated with looks that you will “try one day” maybe today is just that day. A change in your hair is a good idea, it always is!

Now do you really need more convincing? You either need to book your Salon appointment or your holiday now!

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