For some the thought of washing your hair everyday is not only mind blowing but also somewhat such a drain. Everyone is different, everyone has a different lifestyle and our exposure to the elements are varied so its ok that our haircare regime is not the same. For many the term Sulfate free shampoo means no lather or it wont feel clean however thats why we are here.

Throughout the day our body perspires, even in winter when the temperature isn’t hot we perspire, typically our scalp we tend not to notice it. Sweat or perspiration is mainly water, with traces of ammonia, urea, salts and sugars. these chemicals that are produced by our bodies will then evaporate on the scalp and can cause a lot of issues with the PH level of the scalp. This in turn can cause irritation, hair fall and bacterial infection and flakey scalp.

To give your scalp the best chance at being a healthy playground for productive hair-growth, it is essential that we maintain the scalp in the most basic sense by cleansing it gently as often as needed.

Our Shampoo is yes Sulfate free, Paraben free are concentrated ( which means it will last you longer but is thicker than a regular shampoo ) you do not water it down rather apply it on wet hair and work it in with additionally adding water to it to give you a good lather. The reason for this is the product is packed with ingredients that moisturise and hydrate the hair and are found in a higher ratio than regular shampoo’s to give you not only a cleased scalp but balancing out the moisture levels and bringing it back to where it should be for your hair.

Yes you can use it daily, alternative days if preferred but it is gentle enough to use daily, for best results follow it with our conditioner which is ultra moisturising, closes the cuticle tightly giving you a completely hydrated result with the cuticle ( outside layer of the hair ) closed to keep moisture in longer and protect the inner shaft of the hair giving protection to color and internal damage. Don’t forget to trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to remove your split ends

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