About Us

sulphate and paraben free shampoo

Born in India, “Off Days” is reinventing the approach to haircare with a desire to bring a feeling of effortless and ease to your daily routine.

That feeling before you’re off the next day, you are relaxed, at ease with everything and have little to no stress, thats the feeling we all want everyday! Hence the name “Off Days”

With direct in-salon experience in excess of 30 years we at Off Days hair care understand the challenges of hair. We wanted to make sure that the hair you walk out of the salon, not only looks good for that day but is able to be recreated the following days at home as well. Styling your hair yourself often brings unwanted fear, which product do you need, when and how should you apply it etc. Off Days approach is a more relaxed and open dialogue that is user friendly so there isn’t anxiety about your hair wash day.

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