We have all grown up listening to our parents believing that whatever they say is reality, no questions no google searches just facts. If your mother says do not eat sweet things during winter as it adds double calories, then thats it we will stop eating chocolate as fast as that! Sure she most likely didn’t have any basis for this tale however she grew up with her parents telling her the same thing and here we are telling our children and friends like its fact. We google our medical problems, check WebMD or take almost anyones opinion as fact without doing our own research. Here is 5 Myths about washing your hair that will most likely make you opening multiple tabs to fact check if they are real or not! Yes these are some real “Stories” told by many including some doctors that have zero facts to support but based on stories.

Shampooing daily will cause hair fall?

Absolutely not true! Shampoo’s are designed and have a function to cleanse the hair and scalp of oil, dirt, pollutions as well as the dead skin cells your scalp is shedding every moment 24/7. By not shampooing and removing the foreign matter you are more prone to things like bacteria, itchiness and an unhealthy change in the Ph of your scalp. Washing your hair daily is not only safe its in fact a good idea, not everyone needs to wash daily, if you work out then we suggest you shampoo directly after exercise or if you are exposed to pollutants, product and oil secretion. There is often the thought ( and it is just that, a thought ) that when you wash your hair it falls out, well its highly unlikely however it is when you notice it. Over washing with a harsh Sulfate shampoo however can be harmful and thats a lot of the weight in the tale. So make sure you are using a Sulfate free Shampoo if you are washing daily

Its good to have the natural oils stay in your hair

We all heard this from our parents i guess, its not a new one and has ZERO facts to support it, in fact its absurd. The ” Natural oils” that they talk about is Sebum which is is a complex mixture of fatty acids, sugars, waxes, and other natural chemicals that form a protective barrier against water evaporation that the body naturally produces. In theory it is there for a reason and that is to assist in moisture loss on the scalp and help protect against infection when you have a combination of sebum skin cells and sweat it can be a breading ground for infections and bacteria to grow! So whilst it may sound like a great excuse to simply let yourself go and put it under the heading of “Self Care” doing it long terms can be harmful. Now if your hair is curly, you will most likely see huge curl benefits by washing less or try using a very gentle cleanser, the more sebum content available on the scalp the more conditioning the curl will behave. Its a styling issue rather than a conditioning issue.

You should leave a conditioner on for 3-5 minutes

Chances are even hairstylists say and believe this when there is no basis for it, manufactures will agree that most of the cases the conditioners work instantly. Yes you should ensure even distribution of the product which will most likely take 2-3 minutes and if thats done then you are ok to rinse. The absorption or benefits of the ingredients will be almost instantaneous. Conditioner function is to add moisture and close the curicle, its somewhat instant but we all love a little extra time in the shower so you can keep this one!

Conditioner makes my hair fall

Now this in one that majority of hairdressers around the world have heard at one point or another, that the shampoo or conditioner makes their hair fall. Well sorry to break the myth here but its almost impossible. Majority of shampoo and conditioners do not have chemicals to create hairfall and its highly unlikely. What is happening more than likely is that you notice it when you shampoo. Before you say no stop for a moment, if you have strands on average fall out 50-100 hairs per day ( which is normal ) and you wash every second day, you will have up to 200 hairs being washed out. Thats a LOT and completely normal!

Does you hair get used to shampoo?

The thought that your hair has a memory and gets used to a shampoo is completely unfounded and untrue. What is most likely if you find yourself in a position is that your hair needs have changed. Hair doesn’t have a memory. It may be seasonal changes or you have changed something about your hair, cut or color or even environmental changes can affect the way the hair. As time goes by, so too your hair changes and it can be things like regular trims to the quality of water that plays a big role in the overall condition of your hair. Via Rod Anker

Hope these 5 myths about washing your hair have helped shed light on reality, now relax go have a shower and wash away!

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