The 80’s were a time for Rock & Roll with a very carefree attitude, for both styling as well as a way of life, not good or bad it just was the way life was. The hairstyle was first worn by French fashion guru Henri Mollet in the early seventies. The “Mollet” did not see much light apart from in the french underground dance scene and became more famous when ” Rod Stewart” in the late 70’s early 80’s then again with the Beastie Boys in the 90’s. Its always had its place in Rock & Roll and is now back again. Given social media in the 80’s & 90’s was not around the popularity of looks took a lot longer to catch wind. Now you only have to search ” Mullet” and you will see more options than a family meal at Mc Donalds. Its time to reintroduce yourself to the Mullet!

Rod Stewart sporting a Mullet in the late 70’s

As time moved on as all things in fashion, it was adapted and evolved and the overall look has changed, fast forward to the late 80’s now we see more sporting it with the likes of “Patrick Swayze” start of the movie Dirty Dancing.

Patrick Swayze via pintrest

Now it seems he was not the only one to adapt the Mullet to his look, “Michael Bolton” singer songwriter ( you may have heard ” when a Man loves a woman” ) adapted it to take the attention away from the fact he was loosing hair at the top!

Michael Bolton via pintrest

Now lets fast forward to today and we have seen everyone adapt it to some extent and its easy, low maintenance. Its crossed genders and honestly we love the look! It keeps your length but gives your look attitude.

Miley Cyrus via WSJ
Zendaya via Cosmopolitan

So its time to reintroduce yourself to the Mullet! Now if its products your looking for that are perfect for this hair then look no further than here our Off Days Volume and texture powder is perfect to create the volume and create the perfect texture in this look!

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