You wanted light brown hair and now you want to know why your hair is turning red all the time? A lot of the time it’s not the color its how you arrived at the color in the first place.

If you have darker hair then your hair has more red pigment than lighter hair does naturally, its just the way hair science is. The darker the hair the more red pigment it has. If you want to go lighter and you end up choosing to prelighten ( bleech ) once the base color is lifted you will need to then add the color. The pre lightened hair will be gold and red, the next stage of color will not have enough ash pigment and not be capable of counter balancing the warmth long term enough to give you a soft ash tone. It would need to be lightened to a level until the warmth is removed then colored with the ash.

Now if this is not you and you are simply coloring your hair and it still goes red or brassy there is several ways to reduce it without further damage. It could be one of 3 things, the first could be simply the hair is damaged and the color is not holding. This could be from heat damage ( excessive us of styling tools ) , or it could be the hair history is such that there is too much chemical activity underneath the visable color.

Possibly the you are doing doesn’t have enough ash pigment to counteract the warmth or the shampoo you are using is too strong and stripping or compromising the ash pigments ability to attach itself.

So before asking yourself ” Why is my hair turning red” make sure you are using not only a sulfate free shampoo but one that is gentle enough to look after your color. If you want to know how to look for a sulfate free shampoo then simply flip the bottle over and you will see the list of ingredients, also check here for full list of ingredients we have in our products.

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