The thought of wash and wear hair can seem a little unrealistic but it shouldn’t be and is possible once you get a plan in place. 

The reality is the better condition your hair is in the more manageable it is, the more chemical damage it has the more likely the condition and elasticity is compromised. The more in tact the hair structure the more manageable it will be, its really that simple. 

Can you change things overnight, chances are you can’t but depending on the damage and what you are willing to sacrifice. 

Let’s look at chemical damage

We get told that do whatever you want with your hair and there is a product to restore it back to its former glory within 5 min, sounds great but the reality is far from that. Once the hair is split it’s comprised and you can only keep it together for a certain amount of time.  Often we see over processed hair being out through so much and only being a concern after it’s too late. What we need to do is be realistic with what you are doing. You can not abuse your hair and expect it to be looking soft, shinny and healthy. 

Does a good shampoo fix this?

Easy answer is no shampoo and conditioner is going to remove split ends. The only way to do that is by regular trimming but that too is only limited to how regular and how much of the damage you remove. Trimming your hair every 6-8 weeks regardless of your hair goals is required to remove split ends or compromised hair. However a shampoo and conditioner that cleanses and restores moisture in the process and that can maintain a smooth cuticle will ensure the strand health is maintained.

So how can i wash and wear my hair?

Restore the natural elasticity in your hair by looking after it, the hair you see is dead keratin so the living part you don’t see is under your skin ( scalp ). You need to do two things, look after the inside by having a healthy diet, good lifestyle and limit your chemical treatments to ensure you are not overdoing things for your hair plus regular trims ( that’s 3 )

Focus on the condition! Our products are Sulfate free, have a good safe lather and packed with moisturising extracts to cleanse as well as hydrate. Our conditioner being powerfully soothing to hair keeping the cuticle tightly closed and moisture intact without weighing the hair down. 

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