Once you start doing something, its easy to obsess over it especially when you look at it literally every single time you look in the mirror. getting global colors are not always a good idea because it can look incredibly un-natural, let us explain why.

imagine natural hair thats not colored and you will notice that the ends are slightly lighter than the roots, this is because the longer the hair has been exposed to the elements, time, sun, heat etc it tends to be a little lighter than the new hair growing out. This looks natural, the moment you take every strand the same color it doesn’t look as real or natural as it could. Now this is not always the case, you could be having a bright red intense color then in this case refreshing the ends is most likely essential to have the most effective color and create the desired look. However if we are talking browns then its essential there is variation to give the overall look a more natural appearance. Besides the fact that constant coloring on the ends of your hair will in fact more fading and damage!

As you can see this is completely one color from roots to ends, yours may have been like this before you started growing it however over the years it changes and in that time your hair needs to change also.

Now we are not saying you need to lighten up then ends, yes you could but its more about controlling the urge to continue to be coloring the ends when in fact you simply don’t need too. Its more about what to stop doing that could be damaging your hair rather than doing extra to help your hair be in better condition when it comes to coloring. Have the ends be that 1 -1/2 shade lighter it looks good, in fact it looks great!

Imagine you only color the regrowth and never color the rest of your hair, this means the hair has only been colored once, the ends will thank you, it will look and feel healthier and you will save time and money.

If the ends turn red then look a little further into why this is a constant problem, it doesnt always mean you keep coloring it. Having global colors is not always a good idea!

Always have a good daily routine and use a SLS free shampoo to ensure your hair color is not fading.

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