Summer is here and with that comes sun and excessive styling, since it’s just the start of it you have time to adopt healthy habits.

First thing to remember which is key to getting out the other end with healthy hair is to maintain regular trims ( every 6 -8 weeks is recommended ) this removes the frayed split or fragile ends so they don’t travel up the hair shaft.

During summer months we perspire more and tend to wash our hair more often which is fine but the heat from styling. Heat protection is key to giving you that extra protection. Off Days serum give you both heat protection as well as protection from UV damage.

Use it pre and post styling and it won’t weigh your style down at all. If you are planning on swimming then a little before you go for a dip to prevent the chlorine dehydrating the hair.

Post swim products are ideal like these which are sulfate free and have a coconut base surfactant to cleanse without drying out your hair. The conditioner has Shea butter which seals the cuticle and add moisture.

So no matter what your plans are add these to your routine this summer.

If you have a holiday planned then the travel size shampoo and conditioner may be an easy option leaving you more room for shipping.

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