Summer is coming and for hair and skin it can be a very drying time. To make sure you get through it without sacrificing your hair condition here are some things you should do.

Start by rethinking your styling options, before pulling out a hairdryer each time try letting it dry natural and if your hairs texture has a bend or curl maybe it’s time to lean into that. Washing your hair everyday is perfectly fine, it’s what you do with it post shampoo in the styling that can cause the damage.

Make sure you are using heat protection, this can be in a serum or a specific heat protection spray. A serum helps lubricate the hair prior to styling as well as offer you heat and UV protection.

Regular trims ( every 6-8 weeks ) are essential to remove split or fragile ends. This doesn’t have to be a dramatic cut each time, think of it as Maintainence. It’s essential.

Yes you can get a Color but maybe don’t overdo it, keep in mind the sun can cause damage, if our in the sun Wear a hat or scarf.

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