We all see images on social media of people with big bouncy hair, the secret isn’t getting constant blow-dry’s and packing full of toxic chemicals to hold it into place. Our Volume and Texture powder is super easy to use for you to get more volume in your hair, the application nozzle which works to push the fine volumising powder directly to the root area.

Perfect for someone who has previously done your hair, but it needs a little extra volume or bounce, great for curl retention also! It works but mattifying the root area giving the hair a little more durability and support to give you more life and hold. Completely 100% water soluble it washes out without leaving any residue.

Its so easy to use, it can be used on a fresh blow dry or a day old blow dry to give it a new lease of life, either way you get more fullness! On shorter hair to create a broken up finish, it can add another dimension and give you a more separated look.

So stop back combing as it encourages breakage and not a good option if you want fullness but healthy hair!

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