We sat down with one of India’s leading hairstylist’s and also co founder of Off Days Rod Anker about why serum is important and what it is that it actually does. Its one thing to say use a product but we wanted to know directly from Rod why its important and what its meant to do.

“What is important to understand is the structure of hair and the reason it can look dry or dehydrated, the outer layer of the hair ( cuticle ) is fragile. The cuticle is the first part of the hair strand that responds to almost everything and controls what you see. Can be color that fades, to over processed chemical hair that looks dull and dehydrated, this is where it starts” Says Rod. 

A shampoo is to cleanse the hair and scalp, remove oil, dirt, pollution and product thats the job of a shampoo essentially. A conditioner is there to close the cuticle, seal in moisture, create a smooth finish to the hair strand ( via the cuticle ) and help in the manageability of the overall hair.

So effectively the shampoo opens the cuticle and cleanses and the conditioner closes the cuticle. Its really that simple, however why a serum is so important today is that for many people we see in the salon, hair has been through a lot of chemical services and excessive heat damage. Once the hair has lost its moisture internally the cuticle becomes fragile and often has not got the structural strength to close itself completely. 

With so many serums on the market, it was important to us, coming from a Salon and a hairstylist myself that we have a product that we know works and delivers on its promise. 

So what is different about Off Days Hair Serum?

We took all the challenges from serums that we had heard over the years and spent several years resolving them one by one. So many people we have met have been incredibly disappointed with the way their hair looks or feels over the years. 

We had several ingredients that needed to be changed for a natural solution, at times more powerful and effective than the chemical version. What we wanted to create was a Hair Serum that we wanted to use daily in the salon with confidence on all of our clients. A Hair Serum that would not weigh down the hair or leave it feeling heavy or sticky. What we have now is a Serum that is powerful, yet light on the hair leaving it instantly smoother and calming without weighing it down at all!

So who should be using it?

We use it on every single client that comes into our salon, pre cutting it acts as a beautiful lubricant before the cut to ensure not breakage or stress is put on the hair. I would say most people need a serum in some shape or form post shower, however a lot still hesitate due to past experience. 

How do you use it?

You can use it on wet hair post shower or you can use it post blowdry, for a perfect finish we would suggest on wet hair then 1/2 pumps or more on dried styled hair to finish it. Start small and build up depending on the hair and the condition as to how much is too much.

The true magic is whats in it and how it works together, its Organic, Vegan and water soluble. Go read the full list of ingredients here and make sure you check out what others say about how beautiful it is here

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