Diwali is over now it’s time to think about winter, cooler nights and less moisture in the air. Its time for soup, sitting beside a warm fire but the cold coming also means your skin, nails and hair tend to dry out faster and feel less hydrated and more prone to feeling rough and split ends are more prominent. So what can you do to protect your hair during winter? Keep reading to get the Winter hair care tips that can change the game.

Whilst a lot of us will have the luxury of heating indoors, hair tends to get dehydrated dry and can often dry out during the winter months. Here are some things you can do to help your hair make it through the big chill. So here are your Winter hair care tips!

Don’t over style your hair

It goes without saying that when it gets cold, washing and letting your hair air dry is not realistic because you will end up catching a cold, so during winter, planned washes can make a big difference and not having to over style using extra heat when it can be avoided. Skip wash day when its not needed to help avoid excessive styling with heat.

Reduce the Frizz

Always use conditioner, the cold air can hinder the cuticle layer to close so its important to always use conditioner, you can opt for a leave in conditioner as well if needed. Don’t rub your hair after washing, always pat dry and use a silk pillowcase which will help the friction on the hair whilst you sleep.

Don’t Brush your hair when dry

There is a lot of talk about brushing and the best way to do it is gently no matter wet or dry, however combing with a wide tooth comb whilst the conditioner is in is the best way to do it. The conditioner acts as a lubricant and will help reduce the stress on the hair. If you need to comb or brush it in between then do it gently starting from the bottom. Excessive brushing will cause frizz and static.

Trim regularly

It’s obvious but we all tend to push things in winter until we feel its urgent, could be not wanting to venture out as much or just not as much going on so we leave it till last minte. Trimming your hair regularly is 6-8 weeks and has to be done regardless of the length you have or the length you are aiming for says Rod Anker.

So now you have your Winter hair care tips its time to get the heaters out of storage and the couch blankets out and be fully ready for the chill that is about to happen.

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