There is a lot of thoughts on chemicals in colors and the damage it causes so we wanted to set the record straight. Does colouring my hair cause damage?

A close up view of a hair strand

It’s almost the same as if I eat McDonald’s will I become overweight. In moderation no, everyday possibly will have challenges when it comes to your health, yes.

Simply coloring your hair won’t cause that much damage no, however excessive coloring combined with excessive heat tools when styling and neglecting regular trims, that will create damage yes.

A few things to remember is not to overlap any color unless it’s absolutely crucial. If the ends are slightly faded then that looks more natural and you don’t need to do a thing.

Don’t go drastic in one sitting, try and have a plan for what you want to look like in 6 weeks or 3 months and slowly head towards it. Your hair will thank you for it too.

Hair has limitations, if your hair is dark or even black and you have always wanted platinum blonde hair you may need to think again as based on the science of hair it may not be possible.

Doing treatments are great but they certainly won’t be a all time fix. Once a split end is formed you can try to prevent it from travelling up the hair shaft but the only way to “fix it” is by cutting it off. Regular trims are the foundation to healthy hair it’s really that simple.

Off days products

Having a solid hair care regime is as important as your trims and you should be using a Sulfate free shampoo that helps prevent color fading. Yes it will still lather and it will feel clean but it doesn’t have sodium Laureth sulfate which is the aggressive detergent base which many shampoo’s still use. So Does colouring my hair cause damage, the answer is no, not if it is done correctly and ethically to your hair.

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