I’m Rod Anker the Co founder of Off Days Over 25 years experience in hairdressing on the Salon floor, conducting hair shows around the world and countless educational endorsements and it has become the thing to complicate everyone’s life with complicated names, specific ingredients and claims. With fear tactics of loosing hair to the thought you can stop going grey by using a specific shampoo. So why has haircare become intimidating and perplexing what is it you actually need in your routine?

I guess with social media the use of “buzz words” and the opportunity to go viral it’s a byproduct of where we are at in terms of marketing and it can be beyond confusing.

A trip to a salon with the stylist telling you that you must use a certain shampoo because if you don’t the Color will fade or without a certain treatment your hair will not behave. You end up thinking that they must know better so you go with it with the hope that they know best. But why? What is it you actually need and how is it going to change things for you? Why do you need 6 different products to achieve hair you love? So why has haircare become intimidating

Why has haircare become intimidating when in fact it should be one of the easiest things you can do

A 27 step haircare routine

If you are like a lot of people you will end up having to visit the salon every 3 months for a keratin, weekly hair spa, a cut every 6 weeks, a blow out every week and your Color touched up every 4. Who has this amount of time let alone money to maintain this type of upkeep? I highly doubt many do, in fact I don’t know anyone that finds this inviting or even effective.

Why has haircare become intimidating when in fact it should be one of the easiest things you can do

So what is a basic haircare routine that is realistic?

Shampoo & conditioner is the basics followed by a serum or leave in conditioner if required and trimming your hair every 6-8 weeks. That’s the basics, if you are doing Color then it’s completely personal how often you do it. Opt for a Color that isn’t high maintenance that you feel good with that doesn’t tie your time or money up beyond what is realistic.

The impact of social media

We are all culprits of this and when we see a 45 second transformation that possibly took a lot longer or in fact months for the change we still believe the 45 seconds or the celebrity and end up changing products. The end result is a bathroom full of products you simply don’t use or find very little use for.

So what now?

Well one of the reasons we created Off Days was to simplify things and come back to the basics. Coming from a salon with years of hairdressing experience we know what it takes to recreate a look and maintain healthy hair that works. We also know that the basics doesn’t come in a bottle it starts in the salon and maintained at home. See what products we have and how easy they are to understand

Having a simplified hair care routine is paramount to having healthy hair that is easy to maintain and a look you love without the fear or intimidation of how to look after it.

No this isn’t a sell, it’s just to help everyone understand the basics are the important things you need and the rest you can add or subtract as your convenience. All our products won’t strip Color, are safe to use when you have any keratin and will not dry out your scalp. You can use them daily or weekly it’s completely up to you. Moisturising but they are not going to deflate your style or make it oily.

I would always say use what you have in your bathroom and stop buying products. Once it’s all close to finished then get yourself the products you want to try. Why has haircare become intimidating, it simply doesn’t need too be.

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