Often one of the most neglected rooms in the house besides the kitchen which is weird because one keeps you alive and the other determines how you look and feel. The bathroom and what goes on in the shower literally is the difference between good hair and beautiful hair, good skin and glowing skin. Don’t underestimate the happenings of this room!

There are some habits which need to be broken which aren’t helpful to you or your hair and in no particular order here they are!

Don’t condition because I want my hair full

Wrong, you need to condition your hair every time you shampoo, shampoo opens the cuticle and conditioner closes it. Keeps internal moisture, protects Color fade and helps with static!

I only wash it once a week

Our bodies perspire, whilst you may think you don’t the chances are you actually do. Your scalp’s PH level is sensitive to change and when you don’t shampoo or cleanse it can create bacteria growth, infection and in fact create a problem with hair loss, yes hair loss!

You flip it upside down and wrap in a towel

Whilst this looks aesthetic for a bathroom selfie it can in fact cause frizz. By putting it up in a towel and think it’s a calm way to dry your hair but it’s aggressive. The fabric is wrong and by placing it upside down then expecting it to sit nicely in the opposite directly is fantasy. If this is your jam then try using an old soft T-shirt and simply wrap it down. It’s less aggressive and will absorb the moisture and leave your hair less frizzy.

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You brush before the shower but don’t comb through conditioner

A light brush through prior to getting into the shower is a good idea, removes and tangles and you are ready to go. Once you condition use a wide tooth comb and starting from the ends of the hair comb the conditioner through. The conditioner acts as lubricant and you and sure the saturation of the conditioner is 100%. After rinsing don’t comb it again, and do not rub the hair gently squeeze only.

This is a start for some good habits in the bathroom that will make a big difference to your hair. It’s not one thing that makes hair easy to manage it’s a combination of various that creates easy hair on a daily basis.

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