Ever wondered how some people have it all sorted and no matter what day or time their hair always is just flawless? We spoke to Rod Anker on Unlocking the haircare secrets from India’s leading hairstylist

Well, yes of course there are a multitude of things that make things look or appear effortless and for a few people it’s genetics but for all of us there is a little more to it.

We spoke to India’s leading hairstylist and Co founder of Off Days about hair care routine and this is what he told us!

Unlocking the haircare secrets from India’s leading hairstylist Rod Anker.

RA: Firstly one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to hair because everyone is so different snd so too is the hair. Saying that there are the basics you can get sorted which should get you moving in the right direction.

Don’t over Color your hair, by that I mean have Color by all means but don’t keep doing it unless it actually needs doing. Too often I see people thinking they need “refreshing” when in fact it doesn’t. Chemicals or doing too much of it can lead to split ends, dehydration and less elasticity in the hair.

It sounds like a broken record at this point but trimming your hair every 6/8 weeks makes such a difference. Removes damage and gives the ends of the hair a sharper cut so it won’t fray or split. Longer than that it will catch up on you eventually so don’t put it off.

OD: What is your thoughts on home remedies?

RA: As a hairstylist I can give you so many reasons why the vast majority are a waste of time and in some cases cause more harm than good. However there are ingredients as a product developer that help with the quality of the hair. Now there is a vast distinction between say using olive oil on your hair and scalp versus having squalene ( derived from olives ) in your products.

A lot of the home remedies handed down were developed years ago when there was no product innovation or scientific research as to how to rectify certain. Situations. Now that all being said, if there is something you enjoy doing and it’s part of your routine then pls continue. It’s all personal and not right or wrong.

OD: What is your go to product in the salon.

RA: Without a doubt it’s Off days serum , lightweight, all ingredients are derived from nature and smells great.

OD: What is the best shampoo conditioner we should use to get healthy hair?

RA: Most people would think I would say Off Days however it’s very personal and one size doesn’t fit for everyone. I always say Sulfate free to ensure scalp doesn’t get dehydrated and the hair Color and strength isn’t compromised. Rest is up to you.

The best thing you can do have is basic routine. A shampoo conditioner, a serum and if required a leave in conditioner. Start with this and depending on what is the need of the hour.

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