For a lot of us if you like your long hair to trim the ends to keep it fresh is almost a trigger. Some hairstylist will take more than you want or expect snd leave you wishing you hadn’t tried to do the right thing.

However when you leave your hair longer than 6-8 weeks the ends become frayed and are prone to becoming split and breaking off. Once the ends are split it travels up the hair shaft and will break off, removing length and creating the frizz ends and looking like it is burnt. By removing the ends you give a clean cut to each individual hair which gives you longer to get the length you desire.

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Now the challenge is on to find a hairdresser you feel comfortable with and have a good line of communication so there is no misunderstanding.

Remember hair grows from the roots and splits from the ends, so it’s important to have a healthy diet and lifestyle and regular trims.

So long story short is you need to trim your hair every 6-8 weeks regardless of your hair length goals. It’s that simple. Once it’s split the only assured way to fix it is with scissors.

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