Its been a long hot summer and we all need a change so it’s time to get things looking and feeling fresh so if you are caught in the never ending cycle of growing your hair only to cut it short again 12 months later then this long bob is suitable for every faceshape is for you.

It has the versatility of styling it in several ways and with the part playing the key role depending on your face shape will literally change everything! So go ahead and save these to your pinterest board because we know you have one ( Pretty Little Haircuts ) and make that appointment now!

Via Marie Claire
Ashley Graham Via Pop Sugar
via Fabmood

Now its all in the way you part it, depending on your faceshape! For rounder and longer faceshapes part it on the side and for square and heart shape you can opt for middle. Add height at the front if you feel in the mood by adding a little Volume and Texturising powder but the trick to effortless is doing less not adding more! It should be easy so make sure when you get this haircut you talk to your hairstylist about the various ways you can wear it and some tricks and tips on styling!

So now you have some images to inspire you its time to go get yourself a new Look!

This long bob is suitable for every faceshape and it all depends on how you style it, have some fun and play around with it so you have some options but seriously there is no need to do too much thats why its amazing!

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