We hear a lot from people with finer hair and the trigger for a lot of people is hearing the phrase ” Deep conditioning” or “moisturising” when in fact if used correctly it shouldn’t actually scare you. So if you re Thinking of skipping conditioner its time to think again!

Conditioner has a purpose and it should be done every time you shampoo, its purpose is to seal the cuticle closed and lock in the internal moisture which helps reduce frizz, hold color to its true tone, removes knots and ensures the hair behaves the way its meant too. Shampoo opens the cuticle and cleanses you apply to scalp then hair and the conditioner is applied to the hair only. Both need to be thouroughly rinsed however with conditioner a wide tooth comb is ideal for longer hair to comb through whilst the conditioner is in.

Do I need to leave it in for a certain time?

The easy answer is typically no, a conditioner is almost instant but saying that the correct time is 2-3 minutes to ensure its successfully closed the cuticle, comb through and rinse well!

A lot of the time when you think you could skip it is when the hair is looking limp, if thats the case you may be conditioning the scalp more than the hair or in fact not rinsing it correctly.

So next time you wash your hair rinse well, remove excess moisture and condition from the ends upwards and avoid the root area, comb through and rinse.

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