No we are talking about your birthday suit! We are referring the your hair and being shoe to not wear it without any products just plain washed conditioned, maybe a serum but that’s it. For a lot of people it’s almost unheard of, it’s a dream but something many won’t try but we know you can if you really want too! So if you want to simply wash & wear then keep reading to find out the power of being naked.

We spoke to Rod Anker to get his inputs on what it takes to wash and go, not only to look good but what it takes to love it.

A lot of the time we keep doing what we have always done simply because it’s what we know. Patterns and habits once formed are hard to break and often have absolutely no rational other than that’s what you have always done. Wash and go hair is achievable for most with some exceptions however can mean a change of mindset and that can be the hardest part says Rod.

There are several things that will determine if this is ever going to work, starting with your cut. If the cut has the right structure keeping in mind your hair, the growth patterns and the natural texture then it can work. If your current cut isn’t working or you simply can’t manage wash and go yet you want to, go visit your hairstylist and discuss how you can make it a reality.

Secondly, it’s all about using the right product. If you have to load your hair up with product to get it to do what you want then the chances you don’t have a wash and go, more like wash load it up go then stress. Wash n go is shampoo conditioner and maybe a leave in serum or conditioner. It’s all about the prep.

Regular trims, the right core products, and knowing the right prep will get you well on the way to effortless hair, if you are ready for the change then start now.

A few tricks to help you on the way

Shampoo your hair rinse really well then condition the hair, use a wide tooth comb and comb from mid lengths to ends. When rinsing conditioner, DO NOT SHAKE IT OR RUB IT AROUND. You need to remove all traces of conditioner however it needs to be done gently to ensure your cuticle is closed. Rinse with slightly cooler water than the rest of the shower ( if possible )

Once out of the shower it’s super important to know the very next thing you do determines the rest of your day or two Use your one extra product now, do not rub, shake toss, flip or brush your hair

Pat the hair don’t rub it, don’t flip your head upside down and wrap it ( this creates frizz ) PAT PAT that’s it. If there are areas like your bangs that you want a bend in, clip it gently and await for it to dry.

Enjoy your freedom

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