As we all know this season comes with it’s own challenges, the traffic, what to wear, dealing with perspiration and of course the Frizz! So what is the perfect Monsoon haircare routine?

Let’s go through some basics because the most common mistakes are typically the most basic. Getting the basics right is most often the most you need to do.

It’s starts with your shower routine

The basics

It starts with cleansing and conditioning, whilst it may sound like a broken record so too does 6 monthly check ups at the dentist however getting it right is Essential. It’s perfectly safe to wash your hair daily and especially in the heat with perspiration it’s actually recommended. The key is using a sulfate free shampoo that won’t dry out your scalp or strip your Color. When you shampoo you open the cuticle and so you need to close the cuticle using a conditioner this helps maintain internal moisture and avoid frizz! Make sure to only be conditioning the mid lengths to ends, conditioner will not leave your hair flat, it’s for your hair not the scalp.

Make sure you double cleanse if you feel you need too and after the shampoo you remove excess moisture and apply conditioner. Using a wide tooth comb starting from ends remove all tangles.

After the shower

The first thing is to pat the hair dry to remove the water. Don’t rub it, shake or flip your head upside down! This creates friction which will lead to frizz, Pat dry!

Once the excess is removed apply a hair serum which will close the cuticle further, seal the moisture internally as well as offer lubrication for what’s coming next if you are going to use heat to style. Make sure the serum offers heat protection as well as UV protection as these things matter a lot.

Our hair serum which offers heat and UV protection

Now go and enjoy yourself and remember 6-8 week trims and avoid over doing your Color’s and remember The perfect Monsoon haircare routine does exist, it involves a little TLC.

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