Its easy to think that consuming certain foods that all your problems will be solved and that you will be a hyper functioning human, sadly the reality is far from it. Sure certain foods can help however in the overall scheme the perfect healthy hair diet is a longer story that needs to be told!

Hair once visible is not living matter, its dead Keratin so it’s incredibly susceptible to damage and must be treated with respect in order for it to be in best possible condition. Your hair can have Off Days and can be a challenge however if you look after it and create good hair habits then you will have the hair you want, it may seem like a chore to start with but it really isn’t just altering the things you already are doing more than likely!

We all want what we want, some want every chemical treatment available and yet wonder why it’s not silky smooth and healthy, well sometimes you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Healthy hair starts with you and your diet, a balanced diet that ensures your body is getting all the nutrients and fuel to be able to function and grow the best hair.

Can you increase hair growth? Reality is no, sure some will say you can because we all want to hear it but truth is you can not. Hair grows marginally faster in summer vs winter that is a fact and between 1-1.5 inches per month on almost every human, slightly slower as we age. Using specifically names products doesn’t mean it will solve your problem, do your own research and take control of what you are using and know why!

If I’m growing it why should I trim it every 6 weeks?

May be obvious but in case you slept through that class, hair is dead, if you don’t remove the ends every 6-8 weeks then you will get split ends which will travel up your hair shaft and break off. Hence your hair will appear like it’s not growing or at times getting shorter.  If it grows on average 1.5 inches per month you can trim 1/2 inch every 6 weeks it’s still getting longer right? We can not stress enough that regular trims don’t make it grow faster nor do they make it shorter, its simply going to help you maintain the condition of the hair and ensure it doesn’t break off!

Can I rub fruit, oil or anything on it to make it grow faster?

Um no, if you have any idea how skin works, it’s not soil and your not growing tomatoes  compost on your scalp will only give you a bacteria infection and do absolutely nothing to your hair growth! Much to popular belief leaving pulped fruit or vegetables on your hair overnight is in fact a risk of growing bacteria which in turn can in fact cause hair fall!

Can vitamin supplements help?

In some respect yes, if for whatever reason you can not cover the five food groups then you can add a Su plumber to assist however again this is a last resort and not going to grow your hair faster or thicker. 

The best advice is everything in moderation, make sure you have a hairstylist that will say no to you in the interest of healthy hair, don’t do something for the sake of it and always use good products. A lot of the time we see people in the salon literally living on a prayer, burning the candle at both ends and neglecting their bodies in almost every way but want a quick fix for healthy hair, but it doesn’t work that way says Rod Anker. If you are a vegetarian there may be the need to have a look at your blood work in order to ascertain if your vitamin levels are adequate however its not always a given that you are lacking. Keep a track and listen to your body, its often assumed you need XYZ however sometimes you do not so better check with your doctor if unsure!

The best advice is always preventative no matter which professional you talk too, so its best to understand that healthy hair starts from within and involves more than adding a vitamin to your morning routine. Healthy living, healthy diet and a balanced amount of managed stress and relaxation.

Will using a Sulfate a Paraben Free Shampoo Help?

Sulfates and parabens both have their place however a sulfate free shampoo is less harsh on the scalp therefore a good option, parabens are the preservative added to lengthen the shelf life of a product. This should be avoided as they can cause irritation and dryness of the scalp as well as color fading and in some cases can disrupt hormones in the body.

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