There is nothing like a good clean out, can be your car, bathroom cabinet, spare bedroom or your closet full to the brim for the last 6 months. Our minds are exactly the same and every day, week and year we keep stockpiling “things” into them, every now and then it’s good to wipe the slate clean and get a fresh viewpoint. The must use product changes from day to day and will with your hair constantly so before you go buying the “It” product keep reading.

The thought of holding on to a product for years because you had hoped it would change your life and it simply didn’t doesn’t make sense, it’s most likely gone off, dried up and is best given away or put in the bin says Rod Anker

Now when it comes to cleaning out the bathroom cabinet we have a few tricks to not only save you money but also streamline your hair care regime so here goes!

  1. Pull out all the hair products, past and present and assess what needs throwing out and what needs using up asap
  2. Before you buy anymore finish what you have ( we always encourage finishing what you have UNLESS it’s harmful to your color.
  3. Sometimes ( sadly more often than it should ) you will be sold product that you simply don’t need or maybe you did then but your hair has changed. Write a list of what you have and show your hairstylist and see what needs to be put in the bin or replaced. If you have products you have no idea what they are or how to use it, take it with you next visit and ask.
  4. If it’s got 3 drops in it, please throw it out don’t hold on to it.
  5. Put them all back in the cupboard with the ones you need to use now and start using them!

It’s not about creating aesthetic images for Instagram although our bathroom may look better than yours, it’s about having the right products that are part of your hair or skin regime not about collecting products for the sake of it.

Off days hair products

If you want to get clear advise on what you need to maintain your hairstyle then get yourself into see your hairstylist. Don’t just buy hair products to fill your bathroom, buy things that create the look you want.

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