The Internet is filled with big ideas, great stories, interesting places and lots of false promises. How can we navigate through the noise and discover what’s worth a read and what’s not? The biggest lessons learnt in 2022 for hair was that the natural texture moment is not slowing down or leaving us any time soon says Rod Anker.

A lot has changed over the last few years and a fair amount has stuck and doesn’t look like changing anytime soon! The more relaxed texture is for sure the best thing that happened recently with hair. It’s more personal, less constructed and more you! After what seems like a long minute, hair has now become a more organic fashion tool that everyone can access without complicated step by steps and the need for multiple visits to the salon. The Art of less is more has finally come to your hair and its about time, using your natural texture shapes have become more free flowing and organic rather than stiff and stuck into place. We all have a certain texture and movement with our hair and its now something that everyone is embracing.

Now we know that the best hair that works for you starts with getting the right haircut for your hair type, depending on what your hair naturally wants to do it can be sourced back to the cut and the condition of the hair.

Natural curl or even bend can be enhanced and encouraged to create new shapes

So where do you start and what are the key products you need?

The easy answer is start where you are and work towards getting the hair you want, could be growing out some excessive color or keratin to adapt to your natural hair or changing the length to start immediately, its completely different for everyone and thats the beauty of it. Streamlining your routine to be the best version of yourself means simplifying things, don’t force things and try to get from A to B the easiest way with the least amount of stress or damage as possible.

Start with core products that will get your hair in the best condition possible, regular trims every 6-8 weeks without fail regardless of what length you are after and if you are coloring then opt for color that is low maintenance and less damaging on your hair type. Balayage can be a great option as the color is not done from the roots so therefore gives you a lot more freedom from stringent visits to the salon and less means better condition over a longer period of time! But be careful not to go too light or get carried away when it comes to the color as this could create damage that cant be repaired.

Subtle Balayage is soft and not harsh on the hair

No Bleech Balayage

Yes this is a key phrase being use a lot lately and it s balayage that uses a high lift tint versus a bleech, can this be done on everyone? Is there limitations? It isn’t for everyone and depending on your hair and your color history if its available to you or not. The limitations are real and the key thing to remember is the darker your hair the more warm pigment it has naturally, a tint has its limits in terms of lightening so therefore going blonde on dark hair wont happen, its not possible. The upside is its more gentle long term and the pigment or tone wont change much over time. A true tone that lasts longer. Bleech doesn’t have to be a nasty word in fact can be perfectly safe if used the way its intended however its often over used and not matched with expectations on results, hence the bad reputation it gets says Rod Anker. Coloring hair is not always bad for your hair but you need to know when enough is enough.

So long story short the biggest lessons learnt in hair in 2022 are, get yourself a core set of key products, maintain your hair health by regular trims, less is more when it comes to color and work with your natural texture stop fighting it!

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