Sun lightens hair and tans skin and it may sound odd but skin is alive and hair is made of dead keratin. Exposure to sun lightens the hair via the UV rays from the sun oxidise the hair removing color and in turn making it dry, rough and damaged.

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Whilst the affects may not be immediately visable on darker hair if you have color you will notice more gold or warm tones appearing that normal there as this is the hair strand being lightened. Now if you want blonde hair, sitting in the sun for hours is not something you should do, rather book yourself in for color via a professional.

What can you do to prevent the damage and your color from turning gold, red or blonde? Well the best bet is to avoid the direct sun! Wear a hat or scarf when outdoors and add products into your regime that have sun and UV protection.

Our serum has UV and heat protection in it however even sunscreen whilst it may offer protection the best thing you can do is avoid sun as much as possible as much as possible.

Enjoy summer but make sure you get regular trims and only use heat when absolutely required to make sure you get through summer with beautiful hair.

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