It’s often said that you need to change your shampoo fairly often as your hair gets used to it. The reality has nothing to do with your hair getting used it it, in fact your hair has changed. Signs you need to change your shampoo & conditioner are that your hair has in fact changed.

More often than not, when you purchased your current shampoo it was for a reason, to help with a certain issue. months or years later it doesn’t feel the same. Well guess what its not, you hair has changed, possibly improved and now there is no need for an intense conditioner, you had color now its grown out etc.

Now we are not saying to change or not to change in fact it depends on how your hair is feeling, is it sitting flatter than it used too? Does the condition seem to be getting worse? Have you increased color sittings? There is a lot to take into consideration!

Post covid a lot of people found a dramatic increase in hair fall, for the majority its now growing back so the length of the new growth will have increased the frizz especially right now with the heat and perspiration so you see, your hair constantly changes so therefore using one product for years may not be the best idea for your hair.

Other factors to consider is the cut, as you grow your hair or as it changes the strength of the hair does too, what length you had it 5 years ago to give you the shape you loved simply doesn’t work now because your hair has changed. Often a complete revisit on whats working and whats not is a good idea to reassess what needs to be done in order for you to love it like you used too says Rod Anker.

Its best to start with an everyday shampoo and conditioner that is a point of reference for your hair and always revert back to that once the issue is resolved either by a salon visit or by time.

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