When was the last time you washed your hair? should you be double washing? Is once a week enough or is everyday too much? There is a large amount of people that do not know what the right amount of washing is or think too much washing is bad. So what is right and why? Should we let the natural oils stay on the scalp? So Should you wash your hair once or twice and how often?

Well your scalp is an eco system and oil and water is secreted constantly. This creates balance or what we call PH value of the scalp and in order to have a healthy scalp which doesn’t affect hair growth or dryness. Ideally it should be 5.5 but i guess most of us don’t test our PH levels daily nor should we be. Our shampoo ph is 5.6

So why is the PH value of your scalp so important?

Well its the environment where your hair grows, its the health of your scalp that determines almost everything apart from your DNA so yes it’s important. Using the wrong shampoo or a shampoo that is too strong will alter your ph and have the potential to interrupt your ph. This can cause a dry scalp, itchy irritated and flaky scalp. 

So how often should you wash your hair?

Depending on who you ask, which in itself is subjective. If you are spending your day indoors in Ac then chances are your scalp isn’t dirty. If you venture outside more than likely there is pollutants or dust particles that have managed to settle on your hair or scalp. If you work out then the perspiration has dried up on your scalp. So you can see it’s completely subjective and dependent on you and your lifestyle. An easy and very broad opinion would be every alternative day, at the least. If you work out or spend time outdoors then everyday is good. keep in mind bacteria grows with the heat from our bodies and within the secretions on our scalp. 

Will washing it daily cause it to fall out?

Easiest answer is no this is simply a myth! The only time that could possibly be a remote possibility is if you are using an incredibly harsh shampoo daily, this could cause severe dehydration to your scalp which could increase hair fall. Keeping in mind this is not a reality that you would be surprised about as your scalp would have had to be noticeable irritated for some time in order for this to happen. 

Should you wash your hair once or twice

So why is sulfate free better choice for shampoo?

Sulfate free shampoo is still contains a detergent however it’s mild and not going to interfere with your scalp past cleansing it properly. Our shampoo is sulfate free and the detergent or surfactant is derived from coconuts.

So double shampoo or is one enough?

Realistically if you are washing every day then once is enough, if you feel your hair is dirty from perspiration or dirt then double cleansing is perfectly fine and a good option. If you have an oily scalp double cleansing is recommended for every time you wash. if you are reading this and find yourself itching your scalp then yes today is wash day!

Should you wash your hair once or twice and how often should you be washing your hair

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