Rinse and repeat if necessary, but how do I know if I should double wash my hair? Is it bad, is that going to dry out my scalp, is my color going to fade?

Relax, You don’t have too this is more of a guide and if you are washing everyday you certainly don’t need too. However if you are washing say once a week you may need to double cleanse depending on the level of diet, pollution and oil on your scalp. Typically the easiest way to know if you do is it the suds don’t come in the first wash then you most likely need the second. However there may be exceptions to that rule if your using a sulfate free shampoo some are typically they are low lathering so be aware.

When you wash the hair should be wet through entirely so the surface tension of the strand is broken and the shampoo can actually do its job and a good massage to ensure all areas of your scalp are cleansed then working it through the ends. Do not rub the ends like its a cloth your washing, its not and doing so will cause the ends to go through trauma unnecessarily, treat it with care even in the shower yes! See more shower tips.

When your in the shower the gravity will help retain a tangle free situation however if you rub it the wrong way or too aggressive it will tangle at this point so please be careful.

Rinsing should be done incredibly well to ensure the scalp and hair is free from shampoo, a common problem is not rinsing it off completely which leaves a residue and creates a problem with your scalp which can lead to a dry/ itchy scalp.

Happy showering, always use a conditioner even if you like fullness the conditioner is not about anything other than ensuring the cuticle is closed and moisture is trapped without it you are prone to damage, split ends and color fading. So we hope its clear Should you double wash your hair?

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