It’s one thing to know what you need to do and another to actually do it. Let’s be honest there is too many steps to most skin care regime’s and no one really asked you so let’s try and get the basics right with your daily hair care plan before we get all complicated. So should you condition every time you wash?

Yes 100% of the time! Before you start saying your hair gets flat or for those far right opinions that you think it makes your hair fall out, keep reading. It doesn’t!

Shampoo is for cleansing the hair and scalp, it opens the cuticle slightly and removes any dirt or oil. There are conditioning properties in a shampoo that dictate the way it performs it’s job but that’s what it’s designed for. A conditioner is to close the cuticle and ensure the hair internal structure is protected from outside elements. Yes there is a lot more to it on the way it does and the benefits of plant extracts on how is another story but right now we want to focus on fundamentals.

For those who say that conditioner weighs down your hair there may be a few things to consider. Firstly the conditioner may be too heavy for your hair or you may be putting too much on your hair. It is applied on the ends and work your way upwards, don’t apply on the scalp it’s means for your hair.

Now the thought that a conditioner can cause hair fall is impossible. It simply won’t and could not in any way cause any hair loss! Some of you may remember us talking about hair fall and what’s normal 50-100 hairs a day. Well a conditioner creates a smooth cuticle which gives “slip” to the strand as well as protection but let’s concentrate on slip. If you wash your hair every second day up to 200 hairs are likely to have “fallen” or ended the last cycle since your last shampoo. Maybe because you had a blow out 2 days ago and yesterday it was in a pony all day, chances are the majority of those 200 hairs are still in your hairstyle already out but caught amongst the hair.

The moment you apply conditioner the cuticle is closed creating “slip” and the hair that had fallen in the two days now appears as it was caught and couldn’t make its way out. This is normal and no need for any alarm at all. Conditioner doesn’t make your hair fall out, using it in fact keeps the strands as healthy as possible as well as protects you from color fade.

Remember to remove excess moisture before applying conditioner and once applied use a wide tooth comb to remove tangles. Try our conditioner which is packed with Shea butter, Aloe Vera and cucumber extract and incredible soothing in the hair yet not heavy.

So should you condition every time you wash ? YES

If you need extra volume then try our Volume & texture powder available online here or at Rod Anker Salons after styling for that little extra but don’t skip conditioner.

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