There is always a lot of talk about things you can do yourself at home to make sure your hair is healthy. It’s hard to know what to believe or not to believe. When it comes to should you be rinsing your hair in cold water its partly true but also not the full story.

When it comes to a cold rinse, it does help soothe the cuticle and reduce the swelling of the hair marginally. Warm water swells the hair and is obviously more comfortable to shower in than cold water. Even the thought of a cold rinse is making us get chills, maybe not now its summer. Will it help with the frizz, well yes slightly. There is no point rinsing in cold water then abusing the hair post getting out of the shower, it wont help and is counter productive says Rod Anker

Whilst you may enjoy small benefits its the overall habits that create beautiful healthy hair says Rod.

It’s possibly not worth the risk of catching a cold during winter so you can skip it, but in summer there are a lot of health benefits to showering with cooler water. Keep in mind the shampoo molecule requires slightly warmer water to activate, however the rinsing can be done with cold water but the shampooing requires a small amount of warmth in order for the shampoo to function.

What you may want to adapt and try is after your blowout on each section blasting it with cool air, this does the same thing but also sets the hair the way you want it. It’s hot or warm air that dries it and the cool air in fact sets it!

Adopting a slightly different approach to how you take care of your hair will make the world of difference!

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