You may have started colouring your hair years ago when you first saw a few greys and back then it was easy to cover the few white hairs, now fast forward years later and its a constant struggle to maintain your look. Life shouldn’t be this hard right? We caught up with Rod Anker and got the pro tips on growing out your color and taking control of your life!

It’s fairly common to just keep on the merry go round because the task of growing out a solid color is daunting to say the least and more likely at some point you wont look or feel your best. Its best to transition slowly says Rod. It was easy at the beginning when it was only a few grey hairs. Now it’s become something you have to plan your life around.

The best way to think about it is as a transition, rather than a “one visit” type process. Taking hair that has been colored for years from dark to light is not a process that typically ends well on the quality of the hair. Yes you have seen many transformations on social media and it appears to be possible ( and it may be ) but most likely the warmer toned that are present in the layers of darker color that is present.

Pro Tips on Growing out your color

Every hair is different but a general rule of thumb would be to start coloring 1-2 shades lighter for a month or two, this will be difficult visually because you are used to a total coverage and most likely you may feel its obvious but hold in there. Once you are a month or two down, its time to start working on the ends.

Getting the ends slightly lighter will take a little work and don’t expect too much in one go, keep in mind this needs to be a gradual process. If you are taking the roots slightly lighter and you can get then ends slightly lighter you are well and truly on the way!

depending on your hair, the condition and your willingness to possibly cut some length off as to what happens next and how long it takes to get you out of being ties to salon visits but if you are patient and willing to persist then your hair and lifestyle will thank you with freedom like you haven’t felt in years! Make sure to maintain regular trims as your hair will be most likely be going through more than it has chemically in while. Check out our products to ensure the hair is being taken care of between visits

in the last 18 months post lockdown we have sen a dramatic increase in clients wanting to ditch the grey coverage and opt to go natural and its incredible says Rod

Grey hair doesn’t have to be looked at as a negative, it is simply a color and whilst some family members may give you the side eye or even happy to share an opinion or two, stay positive and true to yourself, after all thats the only person you really need to keep happy!

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