When it comes to foundation products to look after your hair, obviously it starts with shampoo and conditioner then comes after wash hair care and we are so excited to be launching Off Days hair serum! A lot of the time its what you do with your hair immediately once you get out of the shower that determines what your hair is going to do and how it will behave!

What our hair serum does, is lubricate the hair, close the cuticle and ensure moisture is locked into the hair shaft, offer protection from both heat as well as the Sun without weighing down the hair or making it oily. With years of experience with Indian hair Rod Anker says that they key to having that healthy bouncy hair is getting the right serum and it needs to be both water soluble, weightless as well as hydrating. It’s the finishing product everyone needs.

So whats different with Off Days serum is that it has a combination of various oils like Linseed oil, Almond oil as well as Squalene derived from Olives, which gives you a perfect finish and smooth texture upon applying it instantly. It doesn’t have alcohol instead it has lininool from lavender to sooth the strands without aggravating the integrity or the condition. Its Organic, Its Vegan and its your must have in your daily regime to help prevent split ends!

It’s easy to use on wet hair and on dry hair, depending on length one pump distribute throughout your hands and work it into your hair from ends to mid-lengths. Can be used on dry hair between washes to add shine and smoothness and eliminate frizz to the hair.

Off Days hair serum

The better you close the cuticle the more internal moisture is protected, the better the elasticity is and the better your hair behaves. A conditioners job is to close the cuticle however often it is not enough due to Color and heat damage. That’s why a leave in hair serum is key to beautiful hair every day. Shop now to get your serum today!