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Off Days Haircare is now available online

When the only place you can be real and truly yourself is with your hairdresser, no filter just sharing the real you then its about time that changed. We are a hair care brand that understands hair, knows what it needs but also knows that no one wants complicated. All of our products are as close to natural as possible, contain no sulfates, no parabens vegan and is low in fragrance to make sure your hair is as easy to do as it was in the salon. Packed with natural ingredients that hydrate, and close the cuticle to keep your hair feeling smooth and protected. Our Off Days shampoo and conditioners are concentrated which ensures higher saturation of molecules are absorbed within the hair strand at the time of using.

This means it has little additives that will cause reactions, is concentrated so it lasts longer and not watered down and is developed with years of hairdressing experience with what works.

So once your products are finished in your bathroom drop back and try our Shampoo and conditioner

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