If you are like a lot of people you possibly have no idea which face shape you have and what is the perfect hairstyle for you! Don’t panic help us here, it’s not fool proof however this should give you a guide to get closer to what will work for you and your unique face. There are other factors apart from just face shape you need to think about the hair color or getting some Face framing color can alter the illusion of the shape of the face. So we asked Rod Anker about how to know your face shape. Its a good idea to take it with a grain of salt rather than following these guides, often a combination face shape will be able to adapt to several rules and still work. Also your personality is the golden ticket and will either let you do what you want and get away with it without question or you may have to abide to the format a little more, it depends!

The arrows show where each face shape needs width, height or length

Getting the right hairstyle for you that works is all about getting the right information and making the right choices. Then obviously getting the right professional to execute it. Your Faceshape is unique and perfect so stop searching for ways to change it, it’s a matter of creating the right shape, texture and color for you to get a hairstyle that is the most flattering.

From colouring certain sections lighter or darker you can change the appearance of your face or take attention away from an area you don’t overly like. Changing something like the part changes how the eye views the overall image. It’s not about deception, it’s about creating the right illusion that best fits you!

Now for guys, you have the added benefit of facial hair but the downside is your hairline that needs to be taken into consideration when making the best decision.

Using facial hair can help alter the overall shape to enhance the overall look

Now whilst this is not foolproof and combination face shapes are not only possibly but are very likely on most people. If in doubt as to what works and what could enhance your overall look, go visit your hairstylist for a consultation and discuss what would work best for you and get to know your face shape.

Often its small changes that can make the biggest difference to your overall look and it doesn’t have to be expensive or dramatic.

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