Let’s be honest, you probably know you need to be regular but at the same time are loving the length. Most likely you keep pushing it and it’s been way longer than the 6-8 weeks you know its time for a trim.

Hair grows approximately .5 inches a month so approx 1 inch every 8 weeks. If you are growing it just keep the amount you are trimming to less than that and you will have longer healthier hair.

It’s time for a trim, this is something you should be doing every 6-8 weeks regardless of the hair length
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Now we know some hairstylists like to cut more, if that’s the case you need to find someone who listens and won’t cut too much off. The split ends as they may appear need to be removed before they have a chance to travel up the hair shaft then you end up loosing length not gaining length.

Another thing to remember is the the edge of the hair that has been cut whilst it is crisp when cutting over time becomes frayed. This exposes the internal structure to heat, sun and environmental damage which will cause it to split. It’s time for a trim!

Trim every 6-8 weeks regardless of your hair goals.

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