Well who doesn’t want to wake up looking ready for the day without having to stress about your hair, having it sorted as you wake up. Sounds like a dream right?

There are the usual hacks which some may work for you and some may not so it’s best to try them and see what’s best for you and your hair.

Keep in mind, it all starts with healthy hair! If your hair is damaged then it’s best to focus on getting in back into good condition first as these tips may not help.

Silk pillow case

So we have all heard of a silk pillow case and they do help dramatically with reduce frizz and friction on the hair while you are sleeping. It may take you a few nights to get used to it but we’ll worth it.

Shampoo at night or morning?

Don’t go to bed with wet or damp hair as this will not only give you a cold but chances are will create a mess by the time you wake up. Do it in the morning or make sure you dry it completely before you go to bed.

Should you tie it up?

If your hair is extra long then a loose silk scrunchie may be your best friend and help you from drowning under your own hair during the night. It also is a great way to reduce frizz and less friction on the hair during the night.

Should you be brushing it?

Use a cushion paddle brush to remove the knots prior to sleeping, no Repunzel don’t brush it 100 times as this will create static and cause it to possibly split. Just remove and tangles then stop.

When you wake up, depending on the density and condition it may just need a little encouragement to go into the right shape or possibly some serum just on the ends to sort it out.

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