Hope we got your attention and we need you to stop, often when you are having an increase in hairfall it put you into a state of emotionally driven decisions that brands may be targeting led by false promises and a false sense of reality that are simply not attainable. how to stop hairfall by 73% was our head line and in fact no shampoo or product can claim this as hairfall is part of the way the human body has been created and hairfall or “shedding” is absolutely normal. You can expect between 100-150 hairs shedding daily which is part of the hair growth cycle and no product or no lotion is going to stop it.

Why brands do it is to bring to your attention that the ingredients possibly included in the products are beneficial from healthy growth or which may help stimulate growth, which they may to some extent. Healthy hair growth comes from within and is firmed up on the basis of healthy scalp which is clean, sits in the stable PH value. Yes massaging will increase the blood flow to the roots however the life cycle of the strand can not be extended by massaging oil, using a certain shampoo or adding a leave in lotion! Its simply not the case and has no basis in the scientific facts about the way hair is grown.

Hair growth is internal and the life cycle can not be changed and once the strand has left the body it is a mass of dead keratin which the products you use and the chemical things you put it through will determine how the strand behaves, the condition and the longevity of it. Abuse it and it will break, take care of it and you will have beautiful hair that is the envy of all, its really that simple.

The stages of hair growth that occur inside your body!

Yes there are many other factors to having healthy hair, diet, sleep, hormones, medication, genetics and many more but none of which 73% are going to be rectified by using X shampoo. There also are many types of hair loss which can be triggered by many factors and we have seen an increase in the last 2-3 years since the world has changed and we have all had to deal with the stress of covid which has affected hairloss for almost everyone due to stress or infection. In full transparency there are things you can do to assist in hair loss but they are predominantly health related along with maintaining a healthy scalp ( which includes ensuring the scalp is cleased and stays in the correct PH score ) by using a shampoo and conditioner that regulates that.

Excess shampooing is only a problem is the products you are using Sulfate which could dry out your scalp alter your scalp Ph and in turn assist in increasing hair fall, color fade, moisture loss etc. If its a Sulfate free shampoo then chances are that frequent washes will not cause harm at all. Avoiding washing your hair, in fact has more chances of increasing hairfall by altering the Ph level. It can be a balancing act however its important to remember that the Myth of ” Natural oils are good” is not the case at all!

So in short the best thing you can do to help keep your hair loss in the “normal range” 100-150 hairs a day is have a healthy diet, avoid stress as much as possible, use a sulfate free shampoo and make sure to do it at least every second day. No one can claim to stop hairfall beyond 100-150 hairs a day because that is the way our bodies function, hair grows then it falls out and new hair grows, its the 3 stages of hair growth. So in short, there is no way to stop hairfall by 73%.

Disclaimer, if you are experiencing hair loss that is far greater than 100-150 hairs a day, it may be advisable to go and visit a professional and discuss the reasons why, it could be a vitamin deficiency or something completely unrelated but check with your doctor.

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