It’s Monsoon season and you are asking yourself “ Why is my hair frizzy?” Well it’s really very simple. It’s a combination of two factors, hot and humid weather and the lack of moisture in your hair. Causing your hair to seek out and absorb the moisture from the environment. We already hear you saying that’s great but how do I stop it? Well that’s not as foolproof as it sounds.

The hair should be hydrated and over doing Color services, over styling with heat and not regularly trimming causes dehydration.

So how can you stop it?

-Switch your shampoo and conditioner to one that is both sulfate free and hydrating

-Slow down on Color’s, doesn’t mean you have to go without it simple means don’t do it for the sake of it. Don’t overlap Color and talk to your hairstylist on how you can minimise Color’s.

-Use a serum, heat protection as well as UV protection, which is a key part of maintaining the internal moisture of your hair. This lubricates the hair, closes the cuticle and prevents moisture escaping as well as penetrating.

-Regular trims, this removes the exposed split and damaged ends and protects the inner layer of the hair shaft.

-Get yourself a silk pillowcase

Avoid rubbing your hair with a towel or anything aggressive, use a soft T-shirt rather than a regular towel.

Now you have all the tools to help get the most out of the Monsoon Season. Always condition and get yourself some serum. Now instead of asking why is my hair frizzy? Now you have the right tools to help you manage it throughout Monsoon Season

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