If you clicked on this no doubt you have most likely tried everything from home remedies to various medicines to try and increase both growth as well as density. The reality for most is that small changes may or may not be possible but the co stant search for that secret weapon will always be on your radar. Grow your hair like a Disney Princess and its not that hard, you just need to be patient and persistant.

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There are certain situations in which medical intervention is suggested or required, can be a hormone imbalance or a vitamin deficiency which we would suggest getting the appropriate tests done after seeking medical advice.

However for many people we see in the salon that are seeking the hair they had when they were years younger. The reality is post 25 your hair growth is not the same, in fact your best years for density were until you reach around 25 days Rod Anker ( hairstylist and Co founder Off Days) The key factors of how to grow thick, healthy hair the easy way that anyone can do with these easy steps.

A healthy head of hair sheds or has some hair fall daily, this is part of the way our bodies are, for men it’s more prone to less growing back and for woman it typically will grow back. Now it sounds extreme and no one wants to hear, that’s the way it is. Get your vitamin levels checked if you have more than 100 hairs a day falling collectively. You may find you only notice the hair when washing then count the days and divide by that then that’s your daily count.

A good daily routine along with realistic expectations on your hair in terms of daily heat and chemical processes you put it through is key to healthy hair. Regular washing and always conditioning is paramount to a healthy scalp which leads to healthy growth. So start to Grow your hair like a Disney Princess today by making these small steps daily.

Yes we know you have heard it before but healthy intake of the right foods make a big difference to your overall body functioning at its optimum. Make sure you are eating enough protein as well as getting enough sleep. Hydration is important as well as limiting stress as they all play a big role in having healthy growth.

Yes our products have natural ingredients that help your body gain that little extra power that you need in today’s climate. We also don’t use Sulfates or Parabens which can dehydrate the scalp and strip your color.

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