You may be wondering how some peoples hair shines and others don’t and want to get the healthy glow with your hair but keep struggling. Here is how to get more shine in your hair without making it look greasy or oily.

You may not want to hear that there are only a few secrets and whilst we want to put a little mystery into the mix the reality is it’s fairly basic and doesn’t involve using any special magic or lotion.

Shine is simply the reflection of light of a surface. The smoother the surface the more light reflects and the more shine you get. Remembering dark Color’s reflect light better that lighter Color’s a black car once washed and polished will shine more than a lighter Color car and the same goes with hair.

Sure your hair isn’t a car so how does this relate to me we hear you saying? Well the only trick you can control is the Color and the surface, Color is up to you however the surface is the key. The outside layer of your hair ( the cuticle ) is the reflective surface and if it’s laying flat closed end tight then your hair will shine, if it’s not laying flat it will not shine it’s that simple.

If your hair cuticle is damaged or broken then the chances of getting that shine are less and you may need to create a plan to get to the place you want with your hairstylist. If not then getting yourself a conditioner that will pack the cuticle tight.

Now a lot of the issues with conditioners that are super charged are that they are too heavy and will weigh down the hair so you need to do a little research. If you haven’t tried our conditioner you should, it has shea butter and leaves the hair light not weighing it down but with a cuticle that is tightly closed, giving the hair maximum protection from the environment, ensure there is no loss of internal moisture, less Color fade and looking super healthy.

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