Anyone with curly hair will know that the challenge to get the same curl today that you had yesterday is hard, if not impossible. Every day there are new challenges with your hair constantly changing.

What works for one won’t work for all, it’s great to hear tips and tricks others do but don’t put some much pressure on it as it may not be as ground breaking for your hair.

Easy to say try it all and see what works but it’s not realistic to try every single product. Go down that road and you will end up with a mini supply of hair products, that could end up opening a salon or two.

Naturally curly hair is dehydrated by nature, but I guess since you are already this deep into it you know that too.

The better the moisture level, the better the curl formation.

It can be incredibly frustrating to be ready about curly hair only to be sold this or that product so we are keeping it simple. No names just a broad outline of key things you should be doing or using.

1. Regular trims – sounds obvious but if curly hair is already on the outset dehydrated then removing the ends split or dry regularly makes sense. Every 6-8 weeks regardless.

2. Always condition- Conditioner, leave in conditioner, a leave in moisturising Creme always use and use liberally.

3. Avoid over touching- There is a big urge to play with your hair then you need to start controlling yourself. The more you play with it the more frizz you create! Stop it.

4. Post shower Habits- After showering don’t disturb the hair keep it in it’s most natural as possible. An old soft cotton T-shirt or a soft micro fibre towel.

5. Comb or brush – So you have curly hair so there is limited time you can brush or comb your hair. You can lightly brush prior to showering and comb when the conditioner is in. That’s it. Once out of the shower no comb no brush just fingers.

6. Water filter- May sound odd but at the same time it makes sense. A water filter if you live in an area that the quality of water is not great is a very good investment.

Now go live your best life, hydrate those curls and embrace the erratic state that is naturally curly hair.

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