Having rough hair is not a good feeling and can make you feel terrible. So many home remedies floating around but the reality is the majority won’t make that much difference if any. So what’s the cause snd how can you stop it?

The facts are fairly basic but you may need to stop a few things and add some things into routine so here goes!

1. If you have Color whilst it typically shouldn’t be the worst thing that has happened to you, over doing it can cause a lot of damage. Less is more and avoid over colouring the ends unless it’s Essential.

2. Hair grows from the roots and splits from the ends. Regular trims (6-8 weeks) are essential to remove any split ends and ensure it’s healthy as it grows. If you are growing it, remove less than the growth. Leave it longer snd you will have split ends.

3. Always condition, conditioner closes the cuticle. A closed cuticle will feel smoother to touch and ensure the integrity of the hair is maintained.

4. Use a serum, both a heat protection and UV filter to make sure your hair is protected.

5. Avoid over styling, yes you can use irons and hairdryers but in moderation as well as when you are doing it don’t burnt it. Be gentle on your hair.

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