So many stories and opinions about it, from once a week to every day so how often should you wash your hair?

We spoke to Rod Anker leading hairstylist in India to get a hairstylist perspective and understand what’s good and what’s not. It all depends on you, says Rod. For those working out daily then you need to shampoo daily, if you have an oily scalp and dry shampoo isn’t resolving the look then daily may be the best for you too!

However if you are typically indoors and don’t workout then you can opt for every second day or third as long as it’s not oily. Leaving oil or sebum on your scalp is not beneficial at all in fact can cause a bacterial infection so don’t leave it more than three days.

The important thing to remember is that it’s what you use also that completely determines if it’s ok to wash it daily. A sulfate free shampoo that is Color safe is perfectly ok however if it contains sulfate it most likely will dry out your scalp and your Color will fade faster!

It’s often the heat damage from the blow drying that will cause daily damage, not the washing so make sure to use heat protection and learn how to dry style without using heat tools. Your hair will love it as well as the extra time in your day!

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